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Beyond helping you find a great Harbor Country vacation rental, we’ll tell you about the tastiest lake-view restaurants around, the friendliest antique shops, the must-try wine tasting rooms, and the hidden spots where you can have the Lake Michigan sunset all to yourself.

Think of us as your Southwest Michigan friends, who want to show off this wonderful place we call home!

Why Vacation Rentals in Harbor Country?

Several years back, we noted a common question from out-of-towners: “Are there any vacation rentals around here?” It makes sense. In a place this gosh-darn cute, brimming with quaint lakeshore hamlets, big chain hotels just don’t fit in. Bed & breakfasts are great, too, but they (likely) can’t hold 12 members of a multi-generational family for a week. But a vacation rental feels like home—a place to stretch out and get comfortable!

Why Bluefish Vacation Rentals?

Maybe you’re sold on vacation rentals already. But why choose us? Erika remembers that, for her mother, family vacations didn’t really start until day two or three—once all the packing, planning, unpacking, bed-preparing, arrangement-making, and crisis management were finally done. Our goal is to make sure your vacation starts the second you arrive. If you forget to pack something, let us know—we’ll do our best to get it for you. If you want a personal chef to cook for you, we can set it up. If you’d like a mid-week sprucing up for your rental, we’ll arrange for a cleaning professional to stop by while you’re at the beach.

We keep up with trends, too. Though Harbor Country is a timeless place, we use technology to make your stay seamless, and—for our property owners—ensure that guest communication and marketing are efficient and stress-free. Simply put, we are a family-owned, Harbor Country company that specializes in “peace of mind” for vacation rental owners and their guests.

Let us know how we can help.

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